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Varna Zoo

Varna Zoo is located near the Classic Hotel in the heart of the Sea Garden, adjacent to the Dolphinarium, the Natural History Museum and the Classic Hotel. The first settlers of the zoo are the Maxim bear, given by the sailors to the squadron "G. Dimitrov ”in 1956 and the deer Longoz. Until the construction of the swordsman, Maxim was tied to a tree chain. It was inhabited by a swamp farm in 1958. The lakes are inhabited by pink pelicans. Until 1973-74 animals were received from the zoo in Sofia and from zoos abroad - kangaroos, llamas, panthers, penguins, swans from Berlin and others. In 1994 there are about 50 animal species in the zoo, the oldest being camel Martin and the bears Martin and Marga.
Zoo Varna offers its visitors a live exposure of segments of the animal world, represented by species of birds, predators, herbivores, primates and waterfowl.
The zoo was officially opened in 1961 and in a short time became a favorite place for children and adults.
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