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The Dolpfinarium Varna

The Varna Dolphinarium is a unique attraction facility in Bulgaria. It is situated among the greenery in the northern part of Varna Sea Garden, with a great view of the sea.
It was opened on August 11, 1984 and is one of the symbols not only of Varna but also of Bulgarian tourism. The Dolphinarium is an indispensable point in the programs of all tourists visiting the Black Sea.
The building impresses with its futuristic construction and façade of aluminum and glass. The Dolphinarium was designed by a team led by the famous architect Simeon Saraliev. The building itself is a lightweight glass cube-shaped structure, measuring 30 x 30 meters in height and 14 meters high. An interesting detail is that the excavation work on the installation floor and the pools themselves were carried out after the installation of the supporting roof structure.
The first dolphins arrived at the Varna Dolphinarium in 1984 from the Cuban Dolphinarium. They are of the species Tursiops truncatus. Globally, artificial dolphin births have always been thought to be rare. Thanks to the excellent conditions and professional care provided by the Festa Dolphinarium team, births are normal practice here. Currently, 5 dolphins are being raised - 2 males and 3 females - Kimbo, Dolly, Poppy, and Joanna and Bimbo were born in the Varna Dolphinarium.
The Classic Hotel is located near the Dolphinarium Varna, Bulgaria.
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