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Kids Corner

Kids Corner Varna / Detski kat / is a unique place for entertaining children and their parents on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located in the heart of the Sea Garden within walking distance of the Classic Hotel. The attractions are suitable for different age groups of children. They are certified to all international safety requirements and rules. Our company has won numerous awards in the field of entertainment and entertainment for children, as well as the protection of green parks in Bulgaria.
The Sea Garden or Maritime Park is one of the symbols of the city, declared a work of park art.
Until the mid-nineteenth century, the Sea Garden area was a bare field outside the city's outline. Only in the area of ​​the Naval Museum is there a vineyard and a small garden called the Bloody Garden because of the gardener killed in the area. There were French cemeteries under the Pantheon, where French soldiers who had died of cholera in 1854 were buried.
After the Liberation, in 1881, Varna Mayor Mihail Coloni proposed to create a city garden around the theater and a seaside park. For this purpose, 26 acres of park have been set aside and 130 trees have been planted. Renowned archaeologist Karel Shkorpil invites Czech park builder Anton Novak, famous for the construction of the Schönbrunn and Belvedere palaces in Vienna. Under his guidance, the actual construction of the Sea Garden - Varna began. Various tree and flower species are beginning to be shipped from across the country.
Over the years, the expansion and improvement of the park has continued. In 1897. a gutter was built on the site of today's Sea Casino. In 1912. fountains and park lighting were built, and in 1908. a decision is made to build a lane for the revivalists. In 1906. the construction of the Aquarium - the marine biological station - begins. In 1961. the zoo was opened and in 1968. opens the astronomical laboratory.
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