Boutique CLASSIC Hotel Varna

has double rooms of different sizes, small and large studios
and a spacious apartment overlooking Varna Bay. The Hotel
Classic Varna team pays attention to every little detail,
Building an atmosphere of comfort and special care.

Studio SOHO

Modern and elegant studio, wishing to relax and
​enjoyment of all the senses. The interior is clean,
modern and cubic. White and gray combined with the
space of the room are a great gift beyond everyday life. 


A stunning studio whose atmosphere captivates with
its charm, charm and a sense of brilliance. A sophisticated
and dignified luxury, attractive with comfort and elegance.
A spectacular end to a successful day.

Standard Studio ETHNO

The room is offering warmth, coziness and comfort, with
a sense of smooth contrast of colors. The texture of
natural bamboo and leather  furniture, are complemented
in the interior with suitable accessories.

Standard  Studio ZEN 

The studio focuses on the simple and calm colors of brown
and beige, reflecting the earth. Concentrates on awareness
of the present moment and achieves the relaxation of the
senses after interwoven emotions days.

Superior Room COFFEE

Coffee-scented interior. The colors are warm and earthy,
and the intricate leather effects and different textures
create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Complete
calming of the senses, predisposing to maximum relaxation. 
Superior Room FRESH 

The color palette connects vegetation, nature
and freshness, transforming the room into an
atmosphere of calm and natural harmony.

Double room RED POINT

Opposites are drawn to modern design.
Gray combined with the fiery charm of red create
a sense of lively beauty, energy and passion.
See for yourself!

Double room PINK

Fresh broadcast and impressive character woven
in the combination of gray and pink. The balanced
design adds inspiring tenderness and inviting sensuality,
contributing to the relaxing rest and good mood.

​Panoramic Apartment  

Enjoy your vacation in the extremely fresh and captivating
atmosphere that our panoramic apartment will give you.
Private bedroom, spacious iving room, terrace with sea view ...


Enjoy your stay at CLASSIC Boutique Hotel
Varna, Bulgaria!

For further questions and inquiries 
0889 899 001