Hotel Policy


You can make a reservation for family Classic Hotel in one of the following ways:
send a contact form inquiry to our website;
email us at;
call phone:

+359 889 899 001;

welcome to the location of the hotel
- Once we receive and process your request, we will contact you to confirm your accommodation.
- You will receive a confirmation of the reservation made by e-mail. It describes the type and number of rooms booked, the date of check-in and check-out, the number of adults and children listed in the booking request and the amount due. - At the hotel's discretion, the amount to be paid prior to check-in may be indicated as a security deposit required. We expect payment from you within 3 (three) business days after sending our e-mail: (unless otherwise agreed between the parties). The rest of your booking is payable on the day of check-in. If you wish to cancel a reservation for which a security deposit has been transferred, the penalties described below in the cancellation policy apply.
- If a deposit is requested in advance, your reservation is valid and will be considered CONFIRMEDLY confirmed after making the specified payment on the specific request and receiving a confirmation by e-mail.
- If the payment is not made within the specified period, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Cash at the hotel
With a debit or credit card at the hotel

Bank transfer to the following bank account:
IBAN: BG49UNCR70001520992071
Hot Bell - BG EOOD

Cancellation of a reservation you made can be done in one of the following ways: send us an e-mail:; let us know from the request form on our site:;
- Upon cancellation of a confirmed reservation up to 30 (thirty) calendar days (unless otherwise agreed by the parties), prior to arrival, the client shall not pay a penalty, except in the case of reservations made on special holiday packages or in strong summer season, in which additionally describes the deadlines for reservations and cancellations.
- If the reservation is canceled less than 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to check-in or in case of no-show on the day of check-in, the amount paid in advance for your reservation will not be refunded and the reservation will be considered canceled.
- Hot Bell - BG EOOD reserves the right to cancel a confirmed and paid reservation in case of force majeure and other reasons beyond the control of the hotelier. In these cases, the hotelier: - Offers the client accommodation for another period, subject to the same conditions and prices. Refunds the deposit paid by the client within 10 (ten) days from the date of receipt of a written request for this from the tourist, without owing to the client a penalty.

Registration and accommodation is done by providing personal identification documents to the guests. The user completes the Hotel Registration Address Card / Foreign Hotel Address Card or voluntarily submits his / her identity document to a duty administrator to enter his / her data in the Register for accommodated tourists. The identity document must be checked for accuracy of information and validity of the document and returned to the client. Copying of personal documents is not allowed. The data you provide are protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the normative acts regulating the protection of information and are processed only in connection with the fulfillment of the established requirements of the Tourism Act. See PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION. This information will only be used in connection with your reservation and will not be provided for other purposes.
• Accommodation: After 14:00 on the day of arrival.
• Release: Up to 12:00 o'clock on the day of departure
• Early check-in between 08:00 - 13:00 pays 50% of the room price.
• Late check-out from 12:00 - 15:00 pays 50% of the room price.
• If the stay is longer than originally stated, the hotel reserves the right to offer guests different from the original rooms.
• Hotel guests are responsible for any damage caused to them by the hotel's furnishings and equipment, as well as the lack of parts of the hotel.
• The export of hotel property is not allowed.
• We ask the hotel guests to keep quiet and respect the rest of the guests in the hours set for afternoon and night rest. • The rest hours are from 14:00 to 16:00 and from 23:00 to 10:00 in the morning.
• You can welcome friends and guests at the hotel's restaurant and garden.
​• We ask you to stay on like yes, and you’ll be greeted with norms for hygiene and order.
• On the territory that you want, it is strictly taken away that there is in every kind of danger for health and safety of inflorescence, explosions, toxicity, radioactive and other similar substances and objects.

• If you are in a hurry, please pray to contact the Reception (number 9 has been resolved) or call for help by phone. 112.

• If you want to keep things on a visit, pick up flocks in the hotel or on the territory of the hotel, or intentions and deliveries from ministers or other guests, they will save for 60 calendar days and will betray you when searching or transferring the address to the client for a quote for the client .
• I didn’t want to wear excuses for ruining or stolen things on the territory, as well as for brushes, causing from a third of the person.

• For every flock, regardless of the break at the guest, providing a single key, leaving someone at the reception when they are licking from the pack. When kububa on the key, go along the crumpled to bravat, the key and key holder sa for the estimate for the guest.

• I wanted igra osiguren free of charge free access to WIFI less.

• The hotel wants to offer crosses that are chemically pure, prana and ironed. Praying, take a break for information at the reception.

PARKING • Hotel with free parking space for parking / cash until it is borrowed / and paid underground parking / with a preliminary reservation /. I don’t want to pretend to be for brushes or stealing money for transportation, I wanted to parkirani on the territory of the parking lot.

• If you wish, your country can call the reception desk by phone at the reception.

In accordance with the legislation of Bulgaria, Klasik wanted a politician but didn’t want to push all the rest to the part, including the number of packs for guests, public areas and corridors. Identify the areas behind the fur distribution in the ramkit at the opener often want.

• The offer is offered for the most part on every day between 9:00 and 16:00. The nameplate “Do not disturb” is set up until 15:30 o'clock. It is left to be cleaned on the next day. Ako imate needs from a trace of 16:00 hours, praying for a meal at the reception.

• A guest who wanted to have Klasik, you can get information on the system for 24-hour video surveillance, some recording your actions from vliizeto vi in ​​the object and not to let vi. From what she wanted, she wanted to reluctantly liberate, all the guests granting the right to be shot, video recorded, or filmed, without payment or remuneration. Record from every camera up to 4 weeks per session. Take note of the whole self-creep and unity in case of theft and misconduct in the event of a red or brush application, such as from a guest in a project, counterparty providers, ministers and / or third parties. Record mogat yes bydat of provision on the organite on reda, the trace is provided for the document.

The crew at Hotel Classic would like to thank you for the delay on the general conditions and wish you have a pleasant rest!