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The Palace of culture and sports

The Palace of culture and sports, called also Sports Hall, is a multifunctional complex located in the center of Varna. It is one of the famous buildings in the city, hosting cultural events, sports events, exhibitions and conferences.
The Congress Hall is a hall for sports, cultural or conference events. Its height is 13 meters, and in the sports version has a playing field of 45 x 27 meters and 5116 seats. It is equipped with 4 electronic panels and a sound system. It can be converted into a stage of 25 x 13 m. The hall has 6 sports changing rooms, 6 dressing rooms, medical office, doping control cabinet, commentary and television booths and more. The hall also has a modern press center, equipped with a sound system and the Internet, which is suitable for press conferences, presentations and events of a sports and advertising nature.
The Palace of Culture and Sports also has a gym equipped with modern training equipment. It has a shopping center, dining and recreation facilities, a children's playground, and a car wash.
The Classic Hotel is within walking distance of the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna, Bulgaria.
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